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Salient Features

Capacity 1KVA1700W 2KVAl1400W 3KVA12100W 6KVAl4200W 10KVA17000W
(linear Load)
liP Volt Range   165V-276VAC 176V-290VAC
Frequency 45.5Hz-54Hz
O/P Voltage 220V+ I -3%    
O/P frequency 50Hz+ I -0.5Hz
O/P Tolerance + I -5% (100% Load or without Load)
Distortion <3% (Liner Load); <5% (Non-linear load)
O/P Waveform True Sine Wave
Crest Factor 3:1
Noise (1 m) < 45b <50db
LCD Utility, Inverter, Bypass, Battery, Load, Battery Mode, Frequency, UPS Fault
Charge Time Charging up to 90% ForB Hours
UPS Abnormal Continuous Beep and Red LED on
Weight (Kg) 9.22 / 14.5 16.9/33.8 17.5/32 37/84 75/163
Dimension 140x405x210 195x470x330 240x545x445 340xMOx980

Other Features


Whatever products we manufacture, they speak of quality themselves. All the goods are manufactured keeping in mind the wants, requirements and comforts of the customers, So that the products leave no room for any complaints, we ensure that the goods go through the rigorous tests of the quality checkers, who have years of experience behind them. We deliver the best because the clients deserve the best.


The company has a well-equipped production unit, which has latest and devices for the manufacturing of quality products. The unit is managed by qualifed professional who have a wide experience in making inverters, chargers and UPS

VA Rating 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 30KVA 40KVA 50KVA 60KVA 80KVA
Operating Mode and Principle
True on-Line, Static Bypass (Uninterruptible Switch), Dual Conversion, Input & Output Galvanic Isolation
AC Input
Phase 3 Phase + N + G
Voltage 415+ / -25%
Frequency 50/60Hz + /-5%
Soft Start 0-100% 5s
  DC System
DC Volage 192/360V (Rated Voltage) 16/30pcs Batteries
  168/315V (Shutdown Voltage)
Current 25A 38A 51a 76A 101A 126A 152A 203A
  AC Output
Phase Single Phase / Three Phase
Voltage 230V + / -1%; 415 +/-1%


50-60Hz + / -0.05% (Battery Mode)
Power Factor 0.8 - 0.85
Waveform True Sine Wave
Harmonic Distortion <3% (Linear Load); <5% (Non-Linear Load)
Time Transient Recovery Time < 10ms
Overload 125% for 1 min; 150% for 1 s
Cooling Forced Wind
Efficiency 91% 91% 92% 93% 93% 93% 93% 95%
Communication RS232; SNMP (Optional)
Noise(db) 48-60 53-65 55-65
Dimension(mm) 685x350x930 770x430x1080 750x720x1450 750x860x1600

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