LPG Pump Motor

Auto gas is the common name for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and when it is mixed with air, a highly flammable mixture is produced. The flammability range is between 2 % to 10 % by volume of gas to air. LPG vapour is also heavier than air, therefore any release will migrate to the lowest point where it will concentrate and form a highly flammable mixture.


Pumps are used in gas filling stations to unload the gas into the storage units and dispensing the gas into the refilling units such as automotive vehicles. During the process of unloading and dispensing, the pump motor runs at full speed – 50Hz. Whilst unloading full speed of pump was ok, but same not desirable during dispensing, as small quantity of LPG fills up to customer’s vehicle tank in no time – may be a fraction of a second. Thus most of the time customer’s suspect on quantity filled in the customer vehicle tank. Also due to frequent on-off sequence failure of contactors was high.


VFD is incorporated to run the pump motor in such a way that during unloading the gas into the storage unit motor rotates at high speed - frequency 60/75 Hz so that unloading time is reduced. Similarly, at the time of dispensing, motor rotates at slow speed with smooth start – acceleration time 15 sec and speed 20 HZ - so that gas filling in to customer vehicles tank is increased.

Product Supplied

AC Drive : YASKAWA A1000

Power Rating : 5.5kW,400V,3ph

Application : LPG Pump Motor


By using YASKAWA Variable Frequency Drives in above controller some important benefits to for fuel transfer systems:

  • Easy, reliable and smooth operation process.
  • Reduce peak current hence motor efficiency increases.
  • Energy saving, YASKAWA drives utilize only the energy necessary to accomplish the task.
  • There is no additional controller or PLC required for the individual control.

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