Appreciation ID Fan MRPL

This 15 Million Metric Tonne Refinery has got a versatile design with complex secondary processing units and a high flexibility to process Crudes of various API, delivering a variety of quality products.

Frequent voltage dips in power supply has resulted in production loss. Momentary Power Loss function is enabled in Yaskawa GA700 drive.

Inducted Draft Fan

Induced Draft fan will take the hot flue gases from furnace via dust collector (dust separation system) and will deliver to chimney. ID fan is located between dust collector and chimney. ID fan will handle the flue gases i.e. hot air.


  • Drive shuts down during small voltage dips
  • ID fan trips cause pressure difference in operation and disturbs the whole process.
  • Production loss due to ID fan drive tripping


YASKAWA provided GA700 drive for ID fan, which is successfully running. Momentary power loss and speed search was enabled. Dip of three seconds were manually created by controlling input contactor with MCB. After dip, drive didn’t trip and continued its normal operation without any disturbance in process.


  • Decreases down time
  • No peripheral devices required for restarting after dip-reduction in panel size
  • Higher power factor
  • Energy saving
  • Supports all major fieldbus communications
  • Simple design and maintenance free.

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