Cane Unloader Crane

Conversion Star/Delta Starter to GA700 VFD

Cane Unloaders are commonly used in sugar mills designed to unload cane from open trolleys specially designed these cane unloaders have a unique feature which allows them to grab material up to 10 feet long in a single lift.When lifting heavy load or material, it is sometimes beneficial to use two cranes in tandem rather than a single higher-capacity crane. During lower load requirement same crane can be used with single motor as well.

Comparison with A Conventional system and VFD

Conventional S/D starter in crane

YASKAWA VFD-GA700 in crane

High chances of contactor burn or damage due to frequent start stop operation.

With multiple number of start and stops-components are not damaged. Saves maintenance time and cost of contactors used earlier.

No smooth start/stop operation

Controlled smooth start/stop – gives longer motor life.

High Inrush current

Starts with intelligent multilevel frequency – minimal inrush current.

No input/ output protection or motor protection

With protection features like Input phase loss, output phase loss, motor overload, motor over heat, motor current limit, Momentary Power Loss ride through, etc. – Extends the system life.

Observed Motor temperature – continuous 65 deg C

Motor temperature is less than 400C during operation. Leads to longer motor life and lower maintenance time.

No intelligent operation of motor brake system

With controlled operation of brake andoutput , smooth brake release/close – leads to low maintenance of brake

Due to continuous operation and over temperature/heat, motor burns with in short period.

With GA700 drive, control temperature remains at minimum allowable level of 40 deg and protects the motor from burning or getting damaged.

No energy saving

With intelligent operation sequence energy savings can be maximised based on load conditions.


  • To achieve high precision in load sharing.
  • Healthyinterlock verification.
  • Smoothening of Torque and Current output in both motors.
  • Synchronized operation of motors in tandem control

Solution Offered:

  • Yaskawa and Radiant System supplied two no. of GA700 – 103Amps, Cane unloader
  • Each drive was connected to an individual motor.
  • Drive Model : GA700, CIPR-GA70D4103ABMA,
  • Motor Data: 960RPM, 72A,3 phase 415 VAC ,50 Hz ,45KW, S1 duty

Key Benefits & Results:

  • Motor temperature reduced by 25 °Cwhen compared with previous system.
  • Failure of motor has significantly reduced with VFD.
  • Elimination of contactors replacement and maintenance.
  • Usage brake logic to control brake to achieve zero load slip.
  • Power savings is possible when compared to conventional system.
  • Reduced vibrations during hoisting and lowering
  • Low starting current when compared with conventional system
  • Smooth and controlled operation.
  • Easy & reliable operation control
  • Inbuilt motor protection functions which eliminates the need for additional protection relays.
  • Better speed & torque response.

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